DOTO Technologies LLC

We developed DOTO System about 3 years ago based on our 20 years of experience in software development and consultancy. During our work, we relied on our experience that the system should serve tens of thousands of users at the same time. DOTO System supports the users in performing completely different operations, for which different competencies are necessary. Usually, DOTO System users are employees of many organizations, which may not be related to each other hierarchically. These organizations work together to fulfill their common duties, for which DOTO System provides the integration.

  • Highly integrated
  • Real time, controlled and accurate data
  • Easy workflow
  • Less administration
  • Fast and easy communication
  • Significant savings in time and costs
  • Positive public opinion
  • Limitless expansion capacity
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Supports worldwide management
  • 20 Years of experience in Professional Development
  • 35 Billion $ of Managing EU Funds
  • 150000 Satisfied Users
  • 0 The time we were hacked
  • 72090 Work hours/year to spare with DOTO System