DOTO IT Platform COVID-19

DOTO IT Platform COVID-19

Fund & Project Management Platform

DOTO is a versatile fund and project management IT platform, creating and maintaining the underlying structure of the interface (web sites, online forms, mobile applications) and the back end (complex real- time database programming) for practical government and corporate solutions. It is a turn-key easy-to- use system which combines high-level accounting with detailed project management reports.

  • Rapid implementation
  • Easy to use – no software development knowledge necessary for modifications
  • Intuitive – turns visual workflows into automated software
  • Excellent integration capabilities
  • Military-grade security
  • Meticulous compliance

Emergency Scenario Applications

Because of the rapid implementation and real-time performance of the software, it is especially suited for emergency applications. DOTO can be deployed in a matter of days or weeks, modifications can be made on the go, and reports can be tailored to fit the organization’s ever-changing needs.

Current Applications of DOTO – web applications, workflow, project planning, customer care
  • DOTO manages the national database of emergency supplies in Hungary
  • DOTO manages the entire flow of European Union grants in several countries, from grant application through allocation to project realization and reporting
  • Government procurement including military
  • Government job portal
  • Utility companies, critical infrastructure
  • Public transport companies
  • Government ministries
  • Nonprofit organizations, aid organizations
  • The Bar Association of Hungarian Lawyers
  • The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture
DOTO Applications for the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Financial aid management from the application process to delivery & follow up
  • Real-time state-wide inventory management of face masks, ventilators, supplies
  • Coordination of volunteers
  • Platform to handle requests for assistance from the public and organizations, municipalities
  • Stay At Home – quarantine monitoring solution to ease the burden on law-enforcement
  • QR code application for touchless delivery of supplies, goods, deliveries