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DOTO Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction Management System

It is extremely difficuIt to have an overview of the disaster area and the affected recovery and reconstruction work.
DOTO System® provides helps to plan and manage damage assessment, disaster recovery and reconstruction, and the integrated process management thereof in order to achieve optimal management of the human capacity and other resources. Since the disaster data and area are recorded and updated in the system it is easy to identify the affected locations. DOTO System® supports both recovery and reconstruction management.

Paper based disaster recovery management can create errors and need a lot of human effort.
The full electronic DOTO System® support through the whole process includes automatic verification system checks and saves human resources.

It is important to provide smooth communication with the Requestors, Volunteers, and all other participants.
The system serves as a single communication platform with all the participants involved. It is not only easily accessible from anywhere in the world, but it is also user-friendly.

There are a lot of Volunteers, but how can I tell them how and where to help?
Recording and managing any kind of volunteers in DOTO System® helps you in the administration, organization and coordination of their work matching the volunteer work to be done with the volunteers who have the necessary experience.

It is hard to organize timely the people who are involved in damage assessment, disaster recovery and reconstruction.
The whole process is supported by customized DOTO System® workflow and full range of electronic communication. It provides always clear picture for volunteers and all system users what to do, and so radically reduces the time taken with communication, coordination, and administration. Using DOTO System® speeds-up the processes, which is a crucial factor in case of effective disaster management.

Organizations can have difficulties to follow up and have quick overview about the State of the disaster recovery and reconstruction at a huge number of damaged locations.
The system realizes the daily management of damage assessment, disaster recovery and reconstruction work. With the help of accurate and real-time assessment and recovery work Information DOTO System® ensures quick overview and the possibility to immediate reaction and intervention on the fly: you can oversee requests, locations assigned to disaster area and their status easily.

How can I know that this is the right IT solution for my disaster recovery and reconstruction work?
The development of DOTO Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction Management System® was realized in close cooperation with the North Carolina Baptists Mission (NCBM) using all the experience of NCBM. Moreover, the system can be customized according the needs of your organization (like data forms, process steps). During the initial configuration of the system, our Clients are able to create their own perfect database, and perfect DOTO System® solution.

Is my IT infrastructure compatible with the planned IT solution? What happens, if I don’t have Internet connection?
It is a platform independent cloud-based system, allows for an agency without a vast budget to utilize the best solution. The system is easily accessible from all sorts of sites where there is an Internet enabled tool, like a phone or a tablet. Moreover, beside online operation DOTO System® supports offline use in less developed or in disaster areas where infrastructure is not available for any reasons.

How much will it cost me?
There are absolutely no costs involved for hardware, software system maintenance, and platform upgrade. The cost of the system is only the cost for the purchase of the user licenses and – if necessary - the cost for the initial configuration.

Security and data protection
The system had no security breaches, and all hacking attempts were prevented successfully.