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DOTO System® Full Edition with DOTO System® Designer Tools - Grant and Aid Management

The procedures of grant and aid planning, implementation and management are complex
DOTO System® provides an integrated system to manage the complex relationships between strategies, budgets, projects, procurements, implementation, results, payments and accounting, and personnel

Often changing procedures, it is difficult to use the same IT solution for different grants, aid programs and projects
Do It Yourself system settings: with the help of DOTO System® Designer Tools parameters of DOTO System® can be set by dedicated users without external IT support (customized workflows, checklists, templates, reports)

Paper based grant, aid and project management can create errors and need a lot of human effort
Full electronic grant, aid and project management through the whole life cycle including automatic verification system checks and saving human resources with the IT Services provided

Demand to meet the deadlines, and for accelerated processes
Provide always clear picture for system users what to do, and radically reduce the number of errors and mistakes

Too much administration work for the grant and aid management staff and for the Vendors
With the DOTO System® Services, like automated workflow based procedures, notifications and reminders, grant and aid management staff can concentrate on their job to manage more effectively the processes and Vendors can focus on project implementation

Limited information after the award process
DOTO System® fully supports not only the pre-award phase (planning, announcing) and award phase (application, review and evaluation, decision, contacting), but the process of project implementation reporting and payments, the post-award phase as well

Significant work effort to create regular and ad-hoc reports: additional data entries, information needs to be collected from multiple sources or databases
No additional data entry for monitoring purposes, DOTO System® Designer Tool for customized monitoring, all information immediately accessible from a single database

Not enough information available to make the right decisions: How to oversee the whole process of grant and aid management? How projects are progressing (milestones, finances)? Is implementation going forward as planned? Etc.
Real-time, up-to-date, accurate and complete reports, and all information available in one place serve as the basis for prevention of frauds, and for immediate reaction and intervention on the fly (reallocation of resources, modified steps of the implementation

Funding organizations or Grant and Aid Management Headquarters can lose control on the decentralized processes
Centralized planning management and control, but strictly supervised, decentralized implementation

Make the process of grant and aid management more effective
DOTO System® helps to reduce waste, saves working time and costs, speeds-up processes, and so ensures a very effective use of available funds, but with a very small overhead / bureaucracy: less resources can be allocated and managed more effectively (increased operational and implementation efficiency)

Limited accessibility (outside the Office, on-the-spot checks, Vendors remote access)
DOTO System® provides offline operation and remote access in the field with the help of its mobile application (smartphone and tablet usage)

Security and data protection
The system had no security breaches, and all hacking attempts were prevented successfully